World Trade Stats

World Trade Stats

    World Trade Stats, the top service of its kind, offers monthly trade statistics from 120 countries, as small as Belize and Bosnia and as large as Canada and Russia, covering over 99% of all global trade, from decades ago to the latest month.

   Our service delivers market intelligence to the world’s most successful corporations and influential governments and organizations in real-time in a dozen languages, and all currencies, faster than any of our competitors.

    The data is curated and assembled in a clean, powerful database searchable by HS code, country, value, weight, currency, and, when available, port and region. The World Trade Stats database is easy to sort and read, and is more up-to-date and comprehensive than our competitors. That’s why customers using our product include the World Trade Organization, the European Union, multinational corporations, law firms, and national governments.

    Every time a car, banana or iPhone, ton of steel, copper or aluminum, or load of iron ore, coal or oil is shipped, we count it, straight from customs agencies all over the world. With our database, it takes seconds to generate charts that can help think strategically, evaluate markets and make millions in profits.

    World Trade Stats also offers provides the world’s best customer service, staffed by world-renowned experts with decades of experience in global trade statistics, commodities and supply chains. We always take your calls and work hard to get you the data you need to develop the best marketing strategy. We tailor costs and accessibility to suit your needs.

    We do whatever it takes to secure detailed accurate information from all the world’s key trading nations, because we are motivated by a desire to serve our customers by unveiling the truth about the trade flows that make up the global economy.

    As global trade undergoes massive changes, World Trade Stats remains committed to keeping its databases updated with the latest software and methodology, and to providing its customers with the most accurate, up-to-date and valuable trade statistics in the world.

    For over 30 years, we’ve served the UK trade community and its allies, and we plan to keep serving you for at least 30 more years.